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DC Gateway is a SaaS application offered by DCConnect. It connects your network facilities collocated in a Data Centre to the DCConnect global Ecosystem, allowing you to access over 1000 data centre locations.

Once you’re part of DCConnect Ecosystem, you can leverage the benefits of a highly agile and flexible SDN-based network to reach out to all the endpoints on the federated network.

With both buy and sell functions are in place, DC Gateway becomes a revenue generation tool. It allows service providers to capture new revenue streams from networking businesses and complements their revenue from their mainstream data centre.

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Not only will you be able to access to our Ecosystem resources, DC Gateway also allows other Ecosystem partners to reach out to you for your network resources.

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Handy and Convenience

Easily manage and deploy your Cloud and Data Centre networks, connecting you to DC POPs and Cloud platform providers globally.

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For inter carrier connection, E-Access, DCConnect also provide alternative Network-to-Network Interface, “Parent Trunk Port”.

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All major cloud including Microsoft Azure, AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and etc. are available for on-demand connectivity.

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The DC Gateway service allows partners to become part of the SDN ecosystems through federation. 

With DC Gateway advanced Price Calculator portal, you can instantly get a quote within seconds. ZTP (zero-touch provisioning) seamlessly provision your services without any manual intervention. This will save you a lot of time and resources. You can now easily transform your Data Centres to become SDN-Ready.

DC Gateway Built-in Pricing Logic

Our price calculator is Built-in mathematical logic to determine the best price for any routes 

Partner can use Price Calculator to Check DCI and Cloud Connect Price

Instant Price Quote Calculator

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