The evolution of technology always makes human life easier. The virtualized communications and cloud infrastructure replaced the hardware-centric and outdated technologies infrastructure. The digital transformation solution minimizes resource use and maximizes efficiency and productivity. DCConnect provide the best experienced autonomous networking infrastructure which is Carrier Neutral and Cloud Neutral, enabling Enterprise to provision all sorts of infrastructure services in a minute.

The traditional business model for data center and carrier may take days or weeks to get the price quote, provisioning and management on a Carrier Ethernet network.  This no longer the case when the telco industry transformed into a new digital era. DCConnect provides the full solution to reduce hassle and increase work efficiency and productivity.

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Our mission is to leverage advanced SDN and blockchain technology to create the first automated autonomous network ecosystem

DCConnect introduced the Proof of Work for service validation, Proof of Stake and Proof of Coverage to ensure all carriers can deliver what they commit. This fundamentally evolves the Telecom service into a high degree of reliability and autonomous way.

Autonomous Networking

Network Automation

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Pricing & Settlement

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API Integration

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Path Searching

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Service Validation

Leading the way to evolution of telecommunications

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Efficiency and Productivity

DCConnect offers cost-efficiency and value to our clients, partners, and customers to reduce workload, also simplify the sell and buy process.

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Reliable services partners

All major cloud onramp partners, including Microsoft Azure, AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and etc. are available for on-demand connectivity.

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Extensive reach and worldwide coverage

With the extensive reaches of our global network coverage, connecting business applications from your regional offices, to partner and customers will be fast, secure and simple.

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