High-performance Satelitte for Remote Areas

Giving You Stable Connection Even in the Most Remote Locations

The advantages of using StarWAN’s satellite broadband service compared to other satellite communication services include:

Low Latency

Low Latency

StarWAN's satellite broadband service offers latency peaks as low as 126ms, significantly lower than the delays of 500ms or more commonly experienced with other satellite communication services.

High Quality Service

High Quality Service

StarWAN ensures a high service availability rate of over 99% with a fixed package fee and unlimited traffic, providing reliable and consistent connectivity.

Centralized Interface for Easy Management


StarWAN 为用户提供了一个集中式界面,方便用户对资产和网络进行操作、配置和管理。

Large Bandwidth Network

Large Bandwidth Network

StarWAN's satellite broadband service can connect remote areas to broadband networks, offering large bandwidth and high-performance broadband management solutions.

Quick Launch

Quick Launch

The service provides quick launch advantages, including antenna point selection and shelf-mounted antennas, facilitating rapid deployment and implementation.

How Does It Works?

The dual antenna setup provides redundancy and improved signal reception, ensuring continuous connectivity in remote areas. The network encrypted transmission ensures secure data transfer over the network, while the specific application acceleration likely optimizes the performance of specific applications and services. The traffic tiering feature prioritizes different types of traffic based on their importance, ensuring efficient use of network resources.


Overall, the Network Encrypted Transmission and Dual Antenna Solution appears to be a comprehensive and secure network setup designed to provide reliable connectivity and optimized performance for various applications and services in remote areas.



The topology of applying traffic tiering, which involves defining, identifying, and prioritizing traffic flows to optimize network performance. The traffic tiering system assigns priority levels to different types of traffic, with lower numbers indicating higher priority. When the network bandwidth is nearing its peak capacity, high-priority business traffic is given precedence to ensure efficient utilization of available resources.

This StarWAN topology specifies three priority levels:
1. Priority 10 for high-priority traffic
2. Priority 50 for medium-priority traffic
3. Priority 100 for low-priority traffic.

This tiered approach allows for the prioritization of critical business traffic over less essential data, ensuring that important applications such as video conferencing, IP telephone systems, and other communication traffic receive preferential treatment during periods of network congestion.

Additionally, StarWAN support for internet/application acceleration network, which likely enhances the performance of specific applications and services, particularly for overseas offices and mobile users.

Connectivity That Goes Beyond Boundaries

Single antennas provide a maximum Gundam 200+ Mbps network. However, in remote areas, mobile phone signals are often extremely weak. More details on latency include:

  • Idle time latency measures as low as 60ms
  • Latency peaks at a minimum of 136ms
  • Peak latency during uploads is as low as 47ms 
SD-WAN revolutionizes satellite networks by introducing a ground-up methodology for smart optimization. Experience the power of StarWAN on the enterprise side. Meticulously designed for challenging working environments, such as high temperatures or maritime conditions, it transforms the landscape of your network application, even in remote areas.



VPN、4G LTE/5G 等,满足企业多样化的网络需求。适用于企业总部分支互联、互联网接入、办公联网等多种应用场景。

  • 2.4ghz / 5.8ghz 双频并发 Wi-Fi
  • 全千兆网口
  • 双核CPU
  • 4 * GE端口
  • Type-C接口,支持与电源适配器协商,包括9V/12V
  • 自主选择4G/5G模块适配


CPE集成SD-WAN、路由、交换、VPN等多种功能, 可满足企业多样化的网络需求。

  • 英特尔Atom C3558 4 核 CPU
  • 2.2GHZ主频
  • 4G DDR4内存
  • 8G EMMC存储
  • 2* 1G/10G自适应SFP+光端口
  • 6*10M/100M/1000M/
  • 2500Mbps自适应
  • 2个标准USB2.0端口(A型)


我们在全球范围内提供企业级连接和网络管理 ,超越地球边界,无需将昂贵的地面网络扩展至偏远位置。