Understanding DCConnect Global: A Leading Network as a Service (NaaS) Provider

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DCConnect Global is a top-tier Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, recognized as the Best NaaS Platform in APAC by MEF. They offer innovative solutions for seamless, high-speed connectivity across a global ecosystem.

Key Offerings

DC Gateway: Effortless Data Center Interconnection

Connects networks to over 1000 data centers and 300+ cloud providers using advanced algorithms for cost-effective paths and instant provisioning.

DC Labeler: Empower Businesses Without Network Resources

Allows companies to use DCConnect’s SDN Ecosystem by adding a markup to the base cost of network resources. Businesses can become SDN players in a day and resell resources.

DC Orchestration: Modernize Legacy Networks

Helps telcos with non-SDN networks modernize using DCConnect-certified devices, providing full control over pricing and network configurations.

On-Premise Solutions: Complete Control and Customization

Enables businesses to deploy DCConnect’s BOSS system on their own servers, offering tailored APIs, custom UI designs, and full database access.


  • Global Connectivity: Direct, high-speed connections to worldwide data centers.
  • Cloud Connect: Easy access to cloud resources from anywhere.
  • Instant DIA: On-demand, high-speed internet connectivity.
  • Custom Orchestration: Custom network topologies and dedicated domains.

Innovation and Support

DCConnect’s solutions include automated provisioning, DDoS protection, and flexible network management. Their self-developed controllers ensure efficient operation and instant price checks.

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