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Simplify Network Management Process​

api gateway

Elevating Efficiency, Empowering Growth

DCConnect offers a streamlined solution to manage ports, clouds, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) resources.  Our public online API document provides accessible resources, including on-net and API partners. Through our API Gateway, you can effortlessly manage and order ports, clouds, and DCI services, all while enjoying the benefit of rapid DCI pricing calculations through advanced algorithms.

  • Enhanced Security

    With features like authentication, encryption, and access control, you can trust that your API interactions are secure, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

  • Optimized Performance 

    We prioritize efficiency, minimize latency, and optimize data transmission, ensuring that your API calls and data exchange happen swiftly and seamlessly.

  • Simplify Traffic Management

    You can easily control, route, and prioritize API requests, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and in alignment with your specific needs and priorities.

  • Easy Analytics and Monitoring

    Gain insights into your API usage and performance effortlessly. API Gateway offers intuitive analytics and monitoring tools that allow you to track metrics, diagnose issues, and make data-driven decisions to further enhance your network operations.

How Does it Function?

The DCConnect API Gateway serves as a central hub, bridging the gap between DCConnect’s network and our valued partners. Powered by DCConnect’s SDN-enabled technology, DC Gateway, the API Gateway efficiently directs requests from DCConnect’s partners to the relevant backend services, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

DCConnect caters to your diverse needs with two distinct API call types: One-Way API calls facilitate unidirectional communication, enabling you to execute specific tasks and retrieve data. Two-Way API calls foster real-time data exchange, empowering you to establish dynamic connections and manage resources in real-time.

API Gateway Topology​

API GATEWAY topology

Optimize the full potential of DCConnect’s extensive network through smooth integration of our resources into your infrastructure, and vice versa. The DCConnect API Gateway serves as a central component positioned between DCConnect’s network and our valued partners. The API Gateway efficiently directs requests from DCConnect’s partners to the relevant backend services using DCConnect’s SDN-powered technology, DC Gateway.

Get Started with DCConnect API

To begin exploring the API and integrating DCConnect’s capabilities into your applications, refer to our detailed API documentation. Click the button below to access the API documentation and unleash the full potential of DCConnect’s Data Centre Interconnect services.

Technical Specifications

API calls are compliant with the OAuth2 Client Credentials grant type for authentication

On-Demand bandwidth connectivity to the Global Cloud Providers via our API (AWS, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft Azure, etc.) and most of the data centers internationally via partners

Rest assured with our 24/7 professional support, ensuring your peace of mind

API Gateway

Connecting to Major Global Cloud and Data Centers has Never Been Simpler!

DCConnect streamlines network connectivity with its comprehensive public online API documentation, empowering partners to seamlessly integrate with our extensive network of on-net and API partners. Our advanced path calculation algorithms deliver the most cost-effective DCI pricing in under a minute.

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