Dark Fiber

Boundless Bandwidth Capacity


Leverage Dark Fiber for Exceptional Network Flexibility and Management

We minimize the high construction costs associated with dark fiber networks by leveraging existing fiber within our own network and through our partners. We manage the network routes constructed in this way, providing a high level of service and security.


    Flexible Route Selection

    Offer the ability to select and customize routes based on specific needs, allowing for optimal network efficiency.


    Scalable Bandwidth and Control

    Allow businesses to easily scale their bandwidth capacity and have full control over their network resources, ensuring smooth operations even during peak demand.


    Dedicated Network Infrastructure

    Provide a dedicated network infrastructure that is exclusively used by clients, guaranteeing high performance and minimal latency.


    High Security and Reliability

    Prioritize security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure reliable connectivity for uninterrupted operations.

How Does It Function?

DCConnect offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for operating your own Fiber Optic network without the need to build and manage the physical infrastructure of your network cables. So you have the flexibility to light the and scale the network based on individual requirements.​

This unique offering allows users to bypass the complexities of building and managing their network’s physical components, offering a hassle-free approach to networking solutions. 

Dark Fiber Topology​


Engineered for businesses seeking complete autonomy, delivering an unlit, high-capacity optical fiber network that hands over the reins to your business. This solution empowers you with end-to-end control over the optical fibers, allowing you to decide how to utilize bandwidth and manage the network.​

Technical Specification

Fiber type ITU-T G.652.D or G.655 (limited availability) 

Mode type – single mode 

7×24 NOC and customer service provide a real time network monitoring

KMZ file can be provided when order received

OTDR test report is included

Dark Fiber

Discover the Limitless Possibilities of Dark Fiber and Transform Your Business

Experience the transformative power of dark fiber, a dedicated network infrastructure. Our dark fiber solutions offer the freedom to customize routes, scale bandwidth, protect sensitive data, and guarantee reliable connectivity.