Global Connectivity

Weaving a High-Speed of Connectivity for Businesses Worldwide

Global connectivity

Creating a Global High-Speed Web of Connectivity for Businesses

We understand the importance of connectivity for businesses of all sizes. That’s why we’ve built a global network with extensive reach, designed to connect your business to the world. 
Our global connectivity service provides you with a reliable and secure way to connect your network to the internet, and we offer a variety of connectivity options to meet your specific needs.

    Scalable Bandwidth

    Scale your bandwidth up or down as needed, ensuring flexibility and cost efficiency.


    Global Data Centers

    Access our network's proximity to leading data centers for faster, more efficient cloud connections.


    Seamless Redundancy

    Benefit from built-in redundancy solutions to guarantee 99.99% uptime for mission-critical applications.

  • 24/7 Support

    Enjoy round-the-clock customer support, available 24/7 to address any connectivity issues or concerns.

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Get closer to your data and customers in just a few clicks & minutes

Dedicated-line data service

Connect instantly to over 200 cloud partners

Last mile connectivity globally​

Oversee the network routes with high level service​

Get multi-layered security to protect your business​

Data Center Interconnection

Data Center Interconnection

Get closer to your data and customers with on-demand connectivity to over 1,000 data centers worldwide using our high-performance networks. With our advanced technology, provisioning takes just a few clicks and minutes.

Cloud Connect

Connect instantly to over 200 cloud partners and improve your business performance with on-demand, private, and secure Ethernet connections. With DCC’s unique SDN Orchestration Service, SD-Cloud Express makes Ethernet-to-cloud configuration in minutes with just a few clicks.

Cloud Connect


We operate a high-performance global network and have established partnerships with numerous providers to meet the demanding connectivity needs of businesses for integrated data, voice, and video transmission.

Local Access Circuit

The optimal solution for businesses seeking high-performance last mile connectivity globally, enabling effortless establishment of a local presence and seamless connection between data centers, clouds, and business premises around the world.

Global connectivity
Dark FIber

Dark Fiber

We minimize the high construction costs associated with dark fiber networks by leveraging existing fiber within our own network and through our partners. We manage the network routes constructed in this way, providing a high level of service and security.

Recovery on Demand

Get multi-layered security to protect your business with Recovery-on-Demand (ROD). We enables customers to run a backup circuit with minimal operating expenses (OPEX). ROD connectivity supports both “Always-on” and “Manual Activation” modes.

Recovery on Demand

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