DC Gateway

Powering World Interconnection​

Honored as the Best NaaS Platform in APAC by MEF for the Year​

DC Gateway platform designed to effortlessly connect your network to our extensive global ecosystem, featuring over 1000+ data centers and 300+ major clouds. With the integration of advanced mathematical logic, we excel at determining the most cost-effective paths, allowing for instant price checks for data center interconnects, cloud connections and instant DIA, all while enabling provisioning within minutes.

DC Labeler

DC Labeler

Ideal for businesses without network resources of their own, but seeking the benefits of DCConnect's SDN Ecosystem. You can add a markup to the base cost of network resources.

DC Gateway

DC Gateway

Tailored for telcos with legacy non-SDN networks looking to modernize and join DCConnect's SDN Ecosystem. Both parties benefit by expanding their networks. You have control over pricing and can set your own markup.

DC Orchestration

DC Orchestration

Designed for telcos with legacy non-SDN networks aiming to modernize without participating in DCConnect's SDN Ecosystem. However, you must use DCConnect-certified device models for overlay networks. Enjoy full control over pricing and the option for a dedicated UI server and SDN controller.



Replicate and deploy the entire BOSS system on your own servers. While not initially part of the DCConnect SDN Ecosystem, it's a solution until BOSS to BOSS connectivity is established.

DC Gateway: The Best NaaS Provider APAC

DC Gateway:

Powerful First-of-Its-Kind Wholesales Platform Solution for Your Business

Data Center Interconnection​

Data Center Interconnection​

Provides direct, high-speed connectivity to a wide range of data centers around the world

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect

Makes it easy to access your cloud resources and applications from anywhere in the world​

Instant DIA

Instant DIA

Provides you with on-demand, high-speed connectivity to the internet instantly

Worldwide Partner

Worldwide Partner

Our network ecosystem connects you to a wide range of other users and partners, allows you to easily collaborate

DC Labeler

Don't Have Resources? DC Labeler will Guide Your Business to Thrive in the SDN Era!​

This option is designed for businesses that do not have their own network resources but still want to take advantage of DCConnect’s SDN Ecosystem. With this option, you have the flexibility to add a markup to the base cost of network resources.

  • Get your own white label account and enable your company to be a SDN player in 1 day.
  • Resell all available resources to your customers from the DCConnect ecosystem.

DC Gateway

Transforming Legacy into SDN Excellence – Your Guide to Modernization in the Automation Era!

Designed for telecommunication companies with traditional non-SDN networks who want to update and become part of DCConnect’s SDN Ecosystem. Both parties can benefit from network expansion. You have the ability to control pricing and set your own markup.

  • Join DCConnect Network Domain.
  • Enjoy benefits from DCConnect ecosystem.

DC Orchestration

DC Orchestration: Modernize Your Network and Take Full Control Without Hassle

This solution is specifically designed for telecommunication companies that have legacy non-SDN networks and want to modernize without joining DCConnect’s SDN Ecosystem. However, please note that you will need to use DCConnect-certified device models for your overlay networks. With this solution, you will have complete control over pricing and the flexibility to choose a dedicated UI server and SDN controller.

  • Custom build of network topology.
  • Dedicated Network Domain.
  • Build your own ecosystem.

Key Features of DC Orchestration

System Security​Service Portal​Telco Ecosystem​Network Services​Transform Into Modern Telco​
Distributed Cloud Based B/OSS System Design​

Support HA Load-Balancing UI Portal Deployment

Support Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud Database

Support DDoS Protection for Front End UI Portal

Two-factors Login Authentication with Password ​
and Key-Generator
White-Label Design​

Support Telco Operators and End Customers​

Multi Language Support (EN, TC, SC)​

Module Design Allows Tailor-Made User Profile
Procurement Process with Approval Authentication

Support Service Suspension and Service Restore

Build-in Customer Credit and Debit System

Billing Cycle Adjustment

Build-in Email Notification and Management System​

Network Endpoints and Connectivity Design Allow Cloud to Cloud Direct BGP

Support Untagged, 802.1q, 802.1ad (QinQ) circuits

Point-to-Point, Point-to-MP, MP-to-MP

Support MEF EPL, EVPL, EP-LAN, EVP-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access, E-Transit Scenarios

Layer 3 Services
Support Network Utilization Alert

Support Scheduler for Unmanned Network Changes

Graphic Analysis on Customer Business & Network Services

MEF Sonata Ready Allow API NNI with Carrier Partners

API Auto-Provision for CE-to-Cloud​


On Premises

Your Network, Your Rules

Replicate and deploy the entire BOSS system on your own servers. Use DCConnect’s universal controller to orchestrate your network with high level of automation.

  • Tailor-made private APIs.
  • Customs UI design.
  • Customs build of running system.
  • Private access to database.
  • Data Base Management: Full Access.

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Contact our sales at: alliance@dcconnectglobal.com

Our SDN Innovation

  • Ordering​

    DCConnect Network Orchestration makes the ordering process easy, and users no longer suffer from long lead time.

  • Enquiry / Quotation

    With DCConnect Network Orchestration, you may get Instant Price for the most frequent access to 1000+ Data Centers.

  • Network Controller

    With DCConnect self-developed universal controller, Network Orchestration could manage devices seamlessly via Python, NETCONF, RESTful API and etc.

  • Configuration​

    Our system's user-friendly interface lets authorized users easily modify network services without complexity.

  • Auto Provision

    Simplify cloud and network infrastructure setup, effortlessly find available resources for services, and allocate them to the carrier's network.

  • API

    Use programmatic REST APIs for automated control across devices and management platforms.


Delivering Global Network Excellence at Its Best

Experience the benefits of flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to support your global business operations. Our extensive coverage and SDN-powered infrastructure enable you to connect across continents to enhance network performance.