Instant Dedicated Internet Access

We Guaranteed You Get the Bandwidth You Purchased Instantly!

Highest Level of Provisioning with Lowest Level of Latency

We offer a dedicated 1:1 bandwidth allocation, guaranteeing optimal network performance around the clock. Our Instant Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is available for swift provisioning, ensuring a rapid and hassle-free connection setup which means that the specified amount of bandwidth the customer ordered can be used instantly!

Reliable Performance

Reliable Performance

Enjoy a stable and consistent connection that keeps your business operations running smoothly.



Tailor your connectivity to meet your exact needs, scale your bandwidth to ensuring that you always have the right amount of resources.



Achieve a high-performance network without breaking the bank, we allowing you to allocate resources efficiently while maintaining a lean budget.

Instant Provisioning

Instant Provisioning

We set up your DIA connection swiftly and effortlessly, minimizing downtime and maximizing your productivity.

How Does It Function?

Instant DIA allows users to order and provision Direct Internet Access (DIA) services on demand.​

To order a DIA service, users simply need to select the desired service and specify the required bandwidth, mode of interconnection, IP location, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and contract period. Once the user has confirmed the order details, they can order the service immediately by clicking the “Order” button.

Once the order has been placed, it will be processed immediately and the DIA service will be provisioned within minutes. Users will then be able to access the DIA service using the provided credentials.​

Instant DIA Topology​


Instant DIA aims to provide on-demand dedicated internet access service for the customer using DC Gateway ecosystem, powered by API, SDN, and Math Logic technology. This means that the specified amount of dedicated bandwidth for the customer from major regions and data centers is instantly assigned and guaranteed for their immediate use.​

Technical Specifications​

1Mbps to 10Gbps

Standart Ethernet Payload 1500 bytes

Gateway Mode/Route Mode

On-demand Dedicated Internet Access

Real-time Provisioning

Variable Bandwidth Options

Flexible Billing Options

The circuit is being delivered by a Dot1q circuit
IPv4 CIDR:  /30, /29, /28

Up to 3 groups of IPv4 assignment

Instant DIA Powered by the best SDN Technology



    Adapts instantly, scaling bandwidth to meet changing demands swiftly. ​​



    Respond to fluctuations in demand with instant adjustment, provides the agility to modify your connectivity.



    Customize connectivity from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, tailored to your unique business needs.



    Scales instantly to meet your business bandwidth demands.



    Consistent upload and download speed for efficient data transfer.



    Easy configuration and management of dedicated bandwidth with quick provisioning.​

Instant DIA

Say Goodbye to Lag and Downtime!

We offer single connections for traditional connectivity, or fully-redundant connections for mission-critical applications, provide different  tiered bandwidth option.