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Exploring SDN (Software-Defined Network) and AI in Telecom with Console Connect

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) have already made a profound impact on the telecommunications industry.​


The Future of Automation in Telecommunications ​with DCConnect and HGC Global Communications

We engaged in a profoundly enlightening discussion with Samuel Cheung, the Manager of Technology and Network Strategy at HGC Global Communications!​

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Orchest Technologies & DCConnect Global: Building the Future of Network Automation

Do AI and Automation will take over the telco industry? Buckle up and explore the future of telecommunications with Jeremy Villalobos, the Chief Executive Officer at Orchest Technologies! In this podcast, Knez Mardin, the Business Development and Marketing Manager, and Jeremy Villalobos, the CEO from Orchest Technologies, discuss the future of automation in the telecommunications industry. They explore how AI and SDN technologies are transforming the telco industry.

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