Data Center Interconnection​

Your Tickets to the Global Data Landscape

We Make It Easy to Connect Your Data Centers Around the World

Expand your data footprint with on-demand connectivity to over 1,000 data centers worldwide. Our high-performance networks provide the bandwidth and reliability you need to support even the most demanding applications, streamlining the provisioning process securely.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Our high-performance networks provide the bandwidth and reliability you need to connect with your customers regardless of their location.

Instant Provisioning

Instant Provisioning

Establish secure connections in just a few clicks and minutes, eliminating complex configurations and lengthy setup times.

End-to-End Connectivity

End-to-End Connectivity

Gain comprehensive global coverage, including last-mile connectivity.

Simplified Operations

Simplified Operations

We are designed to simplify your IT operations and reduce administrative overhead.

How Does It Function?

DCI services can be provided as EPL or EVPL services, utilizing our on-net resources in Asia, the Middle East, LATAM, and more. You can choose bandwidth options ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. The service is delivered to the customer via the standard trunk port (802.1Q), at either a 1GigE or 10GigE port.

For inter-carrier connections and E-Access, SD-DCI offers an alternative Network-to-Network Interface, QinQ trunk port (802.1ad). This involves setting up at least one NNI connection between providers’ aggregation switches, utilizing VLAN implementation. This allows for the multiplexing of Ethernet services with multiple users. All Ethernet services are ensured with the subscribed bandwidth at the NNI sub-interface or VLAN, extending throughout the network to the far-end aggregation switch where the customer’s circuit is connected.

Besides the physical connection, DCConnect also supports API to run Inter Carrier Orchestration Carrier Ethernet Service. Through this API gateway, you can manage and order ports, clouds, and DCI in your network by the API resources provided.

Data Center Interconnection Topology​


Connect effortlessly between Data Center A and Data Center B using DC Gateway, a robust platform equipped with API, SDN, and Math Logic Technology. DC Gateway ensures a well-connected, efficient, and technologically advanced interconnection between data centers, empowering your network with smooth integration and intelligent data handling.

Service Coverage

DCConnect offers a wide-reaching global partnership network that allows you to connect with a diverse community of data centers worldwide.

Connected Data Centers
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Covered Countries
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Technical Specifications​

Supported Network Interface


MTU up to 9100 bytes subjected to regional resources

Ethernet 802.1Q
Ethernet 802.1ad

Support up to a maximum 500 MAC Addresses per end point

Data Center Interconnection Powered by the Best SDN Technology

  • Dynamic

    Adjust and evolve instantly to keep pace with the dynamic changes in your business.

  • Agility

    Effortlessly integrate our on-demand Ethernet services into your existing platforms and solutions with our APIs.​

  • Intelligence

    Utilize advanced mathematical logic for optimizing paths and identifying cost-effective routes.

  • Scalability

    Guarantee that network bandwidth can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing demands.

  • Security

    Providing a secure environment for the exchange of information between interconnected data centers.

  • Simplicity

    Achieve global coverage provisioning, including last-mile connectivity, in just a few clicks and minutes.


Experience the Power of Global Connectivity, Without the Complexity

Dive deeper into the transformative power of data center interconnections and explore how our solutions can help your business to achieve its full potential.