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Reported by Data Reportal in 2023, at the dawn of Q4 2023, a staggering 5.30 billion people worldwide, constituting 65.7 percent of the global population, found themselves connected to the vast web of the internet. Beyond being just a platform, the internet has evolved into nothing short of a revolution.  Whether you’re a local shop or a global tech giant, the internet grants you access to a massive audience, transcending geographical limitations. Therefore, connectivity stands as the cornerstone for businesses extending their digital reach. Robust, high-speed connectivity is non-negotiable for an uninterrupted online experience.  

So how does the internet work?  

The internet is like a big web of connected devices, allowing people to share information. When you want to visit a website, your device sends a request through your internet provider. This request travels through various routers and switches to reach the website’s server. The server then sends back the requested information, and you see the website on your device. This back-and-forth is possible thanks to a set of rules called TCP/IP. Additionally, the DNS helps translate user-friendly website names into computer-friendly IP addresses. Overall, these systems work together to make the internet a global network that connects us all. 

DCConnect delivering fast, reliable, and low-latency network connections 

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