Bare Metal

The Ultimate Dedicated Server Experience​


Experience the True Freedom and Flexibility of Telecommunications​

Maintain complete control over your computing environment using high-performance, single-tenant dedicated servers. Bare Metal provides direct access to the physical servers without any virtualization layers, creating a single-tenant environment that can effortlessly handle resource-intensive workloads.


    Fast Provisioning

    We've revolutionized the provisioning process, enabling you to bring your bare metal infrastructure to life in record time.​


    Dedicated Performance

    Guarantee consistent performance for intensive workloads by eliminating issues related to resource sharing


    Full Server Control

    Users can customize configurations, boost performance, and implement strict security measures to support demanding workloads.​


    High-Speed Networking

    Reduced latency, higher throughput, and greater flexibility for performance-critical applications.​​

How does it function?

DCConnect offers customers dedicated, high-performance servers, allowing you to select the preferred server type and desired configuration. Subsequently, DCConnect efficiently provisions the chosen server and configures it according to the customer’s specifications. Following the provisioning process, customers gain the flexibility to install their preferred operating system and applications. DCConnect ensures customers have root access to the server, empowering them with full control over their computing environment.​

In addition to robust server infrastructure and responsive support, DCConnect prioritizes security. We implement stringent measures to safeguard your data and maintain the integrity of your applications. From regular security audits to proactive monitoring, we take every precaution to keep your digital assets protected.

Technical Specifications

Intel Xeon E-2278G/E-2388G


8 Core (3,2 GHz / 3,4 GHz)

16 Core (3 GHz)​

32 GB

64 GB​

SSD 480 GB x 2 (RAID1)

Up to 10 Gbps

Bare Metal

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