DCConnect Software Defined Data Center Interconnect (SD-DCI)

DCConnect SD-DCI provide agile, flexible, and reliable Eline services between two or more data centers. This unique service enables simplify provisioning and management on a Carrier Ethernet network. The self-developed controller provides an advance SDN orchestration and allow customer to provision E-Line services by themselves within 10 minutes.

SD-DCI can be provided in form of EPL or EVPL services over our on-net resource in Asia, Middle East, LATAM and etc. It supports bandwidth option ranged from 2Mbps to 10Gbps. The service can be hand over to customer via User-to-Network Interface, “Standard Trunk Port”, at 1GE port or 10 GE port.

For inter carrier connection, E-Access, SD-DCI also provide alternative Network-to-Network Interface, “Parent Trunk Port”. At least one NNI is setup between providers’ aggregation switches with VLAN implementation. This allow multiplexing of Ethernet service with multi users. All Ethernet services are guaranteed with subscribed bandwidth at the NNI sub-interface or VLAN and throughout the network to the far end aggregation switch where customer circuit is connected.

DCC Global Coverage 1000+PoPs

SDN API Interconnect, Global Carriers, Data Center Providers, Cloud Platform Operators

API Gateway

Besides the physical connection, DCConnect also support API to support Inter Carrier Orchestration Carrier Ethernet Service. Through this API gateway, you can manage and order ports, clouds, and DCI in your network by the API resources provided.

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The advance SDN orchestration allow auto provision, service change, traffic analysis, price enquiry and customer service. With this Neutral SDN Platform, service provider can deploy this unique software on to your existing carrier ethernet network

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DC Network Orchestration

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Service Provisioning



Offline paper order and online order both are accepted. Paper order request can be made to the designated account manager or DCConnect representative. Online order request can be made via DCConnect online portal or via API. Minimum contract period is 1-month. The provisioning lead time is guaranteed if the bandwidth is between 1Mbps to 100Gbps and being provisioned on on-net resource.


Customer Responsibilities

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) will be generated from DCConnect portal after online order being placed. Customer is requested to order the cross-connection cable between customer rack and DCConnect rack. The cross-connection ordering should be facilitated with the LOA which has included a sufficient DCConnect demarcation information. If the SD-DCI order is ordered in offline, DCConnect provision party will send over the LOA to the customer when the DCI order is being processed.

Customer is also requested to input their point of contact for maintenance purpose, therefore, DCConnect is able to inform customer about planned activity and unplanned activity.

Supported Scenario: EPL (Port Based), EVPL (VLAN Based)

UNI Access Port: 1GE and 10GE (LACP supported)
Line Rate: 2Mbps to 10Gbps
MTU: 9600 bytes

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