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New Product Launched – Instant Price Calculator

The price calculator is Built-in mathematical logic to determine the best price for any routes The user can use Price Calculator to check DCI and Cloud Connect Price instantly.

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We provide the best experienced autonomous networking infrastructure which is Carrier Neutral and Cloud Neutral, enabling Enterprise to provision all sort of infrastructure services in a minute.

  • Award Winning Global Pricing Explorer to get any pricing for any service in 10 second
  • Unique Path Scanner to provide the best Route that can fit the customer
  • Smart Miles System to manage different transit Hub for intelligent provisioning
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Two-way inter-carrier SDN network orchestration

DCConnect has successfully developed the first of its kind for two-way inter-carrier SDN network orchestration through API integration. A software platform portal has been designed to overlay the SDN network and provides customers with the ability to access On-Demand bandwidth connectivity to the Global Cloud Providers via our API (AWS, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft Azure etc.) and most of the data centers internationally via partners.

Flexible service delivery based on demand request

High resiliency option is offered via a premium dynamically meshed network at low latency under the “Automesh” product. Brand-new scheduler feature can be enabled for flexible service delivery based on demand request.

A market place for data centers interconnection

DCConnect also provides a market place to accelerate API interconnection partnership and service interoperability between the partners over a single network service business platform. The service can be fast provisioned, centralized managed and controlled, seamlessly to connect the network to worldwide via partners in a short timeframe. It promises to bring an unprecedented level of digital control and service experience to global service provider.

SDN Pricing will surprise you

SDWAN significantly reduces capital expenditures and simplifies network operations in comparison to the traditional WAN solutions. Let’s say we’re sitting in Hongkong, we can easily connect to Malaysia for $7 or Vietnam for $4 the price of a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. When network operates on demand there are no commitment periods or additional costs for features that you don’t need anymore.

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DCC supports instant service provisioning through our advanced SDN service platform.

DCC supports all mainstream public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Alicloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud and Salesforce Cloud.

DCC services can support from 1Mbps to 10Gbps bandwidth requirements. 

“On-net” implies that the sites are fully supported by DCConnect’s own SDN network with network equipments installed and managed by DCConnect. The indication of “Off-net partner” means the half circuit or the full circuit is provided by DCConnect’s API partners so it is riding on partners’ resources in the end-to-end solution.

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