DCConnect was invited to be appointed as a drafting group member of the SD-WAN/SDN Service Standard

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December 16, 2018 – Following November, DCConnect won the “Best Innovative Products and Best Practices” award for the 2018 Global Interconnection and telecommunications Closing Discussion Seminar, and successfully fulfilled inter-carrier and cross-regional business paradigm with Epsilon through Software Defined Network (SDN) based API.

Subsequent to Global Fabric Shanghai Discussion Event completion on December 11, 2018, due to the rapid advance in SDN technology of DCConnect, DCConnect is invited by China Cross-border Data telecommunications Industry Alliance (CDTIA) to participate in the 2018 China Information and telecommunication Conference, and DCConnect is honored to be employed as the drafted group of SD-WAN/SDN standard by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) and China Cross-border Data telecommunications Industry Alliance (CDTIA).

This milestone shows the recognition of CAICT and the parties in telecommunications industry on the professional qualification of SD-WAN/SDN technology. DCConnect must do our utmost to enhance the service standard of SD-WAN/SDN technology level to the telecommunication industry.

The development of digitization economy requires the transformation of telecommunications service

The Global Interconnection Index report issued by the authority pointed out that the use of technologies promoted the increasing trend of global digitization Such as urbanization, data sovereignty, cybersecurity and global digital services trade etc. It is against this background that the industries such as digital media, artificial intelligence, big data and security analytics, enhanced virtual reality and the Internet of Things are growing. Compared to the traditional backbone networks, the dynamic and interactive nature of these technology applications requires more flexible, agile, low-latency, and high-bandwidth network connections to process the data flooding. The development of digitization economy requires the transformation of telecommunications service and it is required programmable, flexible, agile, intelligent, and automated networks.

SD-WAN/SDN requires standardization, driving automated and intelligent interconnection between cloud network.

The discussion seminar“Driving the development of SD-WAN/SDN service standard, assist the growth of global telecommunications industry“ undertake by CDTIA, Mr. Duke Shu, the CEO of DCConnect, presented the topic – the core functionality of automatic perception network service, he outlined the standard, opened nature, and integration concept of SDWAN/SDN technology, explained in depth the integration of SDN and AI and its technology innovation, combined with automation, virtualization, application-aware network technology that brings the network automatic awareness function to effectively improve the network reaction,

In line with the capacity elasticity requirement of the cloud, on demand bandwidth supports bandwidth upgrade or downgrade anytime, agile, flexible billing, without excessive purchase of bandwidth, achieving greater cost efficiency target and improving operational efficiency; automatic traffic optimization throughout the whole network, automatic shunting, based on cost , bandwidth balancing, link quality, latency and other strategies for intelligent path finding, dynamic bandwidth scaling; advance fault detection, on-demand automatic failover of the alternate port to ensure service continuity; real-time updated network topology, circuit information such as circuit status management, link quality, and traffic path management etc.

They allows enterprises to focus on the development of the main business and gives peace of mind to the service provider of SDN and cloud service or data center.


The topic of the core functionality of automatic perception network service, presented by Mr. Duke Shu, CEO of DCConnect,

We don’t focus on cloud service, but create a new ecosystem with intelligent and opened nature SDWAN/SDN interconnection in cloud network.

DCConnect is a team that dares to do innovation. Since its establishment in year 2016, it has continued to lead the domestic SD-WAN/SDN technology direction. The telecommunications service is hard to tackle likes a hot taro.

However, we dared to overcome its static nature, rigid etc problems, integrate with cloud and network services into single software defined network platform. It drives telecommunications industry into a new era, promote digitization

The network will push the field of communication to a new era, promote the development of the digitized economy, and assist the growth of global telecommunications industry.