High-Performance Satellite for Remote Areas: Discover StarWAN 

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Giving You Stable Connection Even in the Most Remote Locations 

StarWAN’s satellite broadband service revolutionizes connectivity in remote areas, offering significant advantages over other satellite communication services. 

Key Benefits of StarWAN’s Satellite Broadband 

Low Latency 

StarWAN delivers latency peaks as low as 126ms, much lower than the 500ms or more typically experienced with other satellite services. This low latency ensures smoother and more responsive connectivity for all users. 

High-Quality Service 

With a service availability rate of over 99%, StarWAN guarantees reliable and consistent connectivity. Enjoy unlimited traffic with a fixed package fee, ensuring high-quality service without unexpected costs. 

Centralized Interface for Easy Management 

StarWAN offers a centralized interface for easy action, configuration, and management of assets and networks. This simplifies network administration and enhances user experience. 

Large Bandwidth Network 

StarWAN connects remote areas to high-performance broadband networks, offering large bandwidth and robust broadband management solutions. This ensures that even the most isolated locations have access to superior internet service. 

Quick Launch 

StarWAN facilitates rapid deployment and implementation with features like antenna point selection and shelf-mounted antennas. This quick launch capability ensures that businesses can start benefiting from enhanced connectivity without delay. 

How Does It Work? 

StarWAN uses a dual antenna setup for redundancy and improved signal reception, ensuring continuous connectivity in remote areas. The network employs encrypted transmission for secure data transfer, and specific application acceleration to optimize the performance of critical applications. Traffic tiering prioritizes different types of traffic based on importance, ensuring efficient use of network resources. 

StarWAN Topology: Traffic Tiering 

StarWAN’s traffic tiering system defines, identifies, and prioritizes traffic flows to optimize network performance. The system assigns priority levels to different types of traffic, ensuring critical business traffic receives precedence during peak network capacity. 

  • Priority 10: High-priority traffic 
  • Priority 50: Medium-priority traffic 
  • Priority 100: Low-priority traffic 

This approach ensures that important applications, such as video conferencing and IP telephone systems, receive preferential treatment during network congestion. 

Connectivity That Goes Beyond Boundaries 

StarWAN provides maximum connectivity even in challenging environments. Single antennas offer up to 200+ Mbps, with latency measures as low as 60ms idle time and 47ms peak latency during uploads. StarWAN’s SD-WAN technology introduces smart optimization, transforming network applications in high temperatures, maritime conditions, and other remote settings. 

StarWAN Product Series 

SE1100 SD-WAN 

  • VPN, 4G LTE/5G support 
  • 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz dual-band Wi-Fi 
  • Full gigabit network port 
  • Dual-core CPU 
  • 4 * GE port 
  • Type-C interface for power adapter support 


  • SD-WAN, routing, switching, and VPN integration 
  • Intel Atom C3558 4-core CPU 
  • 2.2GHz main frequency 
  • 4G DDR4 memory 
  • 8G EMMC storage 
  • 2 1G/10G adaptive SFP+ optical port
  • 6*10M/100M/1000M/2500Mbps adaptive ports 
  • 2 standard USB2.0 ports 

Uninterrupted Connectivity in Any Network Challenge 

StarWAN provides enterprise-level connectivity and network management worldwide, eliminating the need for expensive terrestrial network extensions in remote locations. Experience the power of StarWAN and transform your network application in even the most challenging environments. 

StarWAN ensures reliable, high-performance satellite broadband for remote areas, reducing latency, enhancing service quality, simplifying management, and providing rapid deployment. Experience stable, enterprise-level connectivity with StarWAN, no matter where you are.