Instant Internet- The hassle-free internet solutions

In this technology era, most Enterprises and organizations are facing the shared internet problem such as access speed slowdowns during peak usage periods, data security issues, poor user experience etc, chances are it may impact business performance and also lead to high cost maintenance. That’s the reason why dedicated internet access is always an alternative solution.  The Dedicated Internet Access is low-latency, secure, and reliable to ensure your business keeps running without any service downtime.

The DCConnect’s ecosystem incorporates top ISP providers worldwide with flexible interconnection at the best price. The best part is, that enterprises are guaranteed to get the internet bandwidth they purchased instantly with Dedicated Internet Access. DCConnect IP backbone network enabled you to guarantee the highest availability and lowest latency on the market today. 

With the flexibility and customizable setting, DCCoonect provides the agile business model for ISP; on the other hand, we also provide the perfect solution for all organizations that require resilient internet connections worldwide.

DCConnect helps ISP to become an SDN internet service supplier in just 3 months by deploying the Instant Internet Suite, with no CAPEx burden and extended service coverage to reach customers. Our ecosystem allows white-labeling and extends sales channels without the painful process. 

DCConnect offers single connections for traditional connectivity, or fully-redundant connections for mission-critical applications, providing different tiered bandwidth options  (1-100 Mbps, 100-500 Mbps, 500-1000 Mbps). DCConnect delivers a reliable, scalable connection for your business.

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