Key Insights into Vietnam’s Telecommunications Market  

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As the pulse of technological advancements continues to beat across Asia, Singapore has emerged as a pivotal hub for data centers, orchestrating the seamless flow of information across the region. Venturing beyond Singapore, Vietnam’s data center landscape emerges as a rising star, offering substantial potential for telecommunication providers. With a strategic emphasis on network connectivity, Vietnam positions itself as a prominent leader in the region. 

Vietnam Data Center Landscape 

The major hubs for data centers in Vietnam are Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, collectively hosting 27 data centers. Among these, Hanoi stands out with around 11 established facilities. In terms of geographical distribution, north Vietnam accounts for 46% of data centers in the country, followed by the southern region (35%) and the central region (11%). (Source: Vietnam Briefing, 2023)  

We witness Vietnam’s transformative journey, evolving from a promising contender to a key player in the dynamic world of data infrastructure. As the digital landscape continues its relentless evolution, Vietnam stands poised to shape the future of data centers in the region.  

Vietnam’s Internet Landscape 

In January 2023, Vietnam’s vibrant digital landscape saw a total population of 98.53 million, setting the stage for a dynamic year ahead. Internet adoption in the country surged, with a staggering 77.93 million users, representing an impressive internet penetration rate of 79.1 percent. As connectivity became increasingly ingrained in daily life, social media emerged as a cultural cornerstone, boasting 70.00 million users—equivalent to a remarkable 71.0 percent of the total population. These figures not only underscore Vietnam’s tech-savvy evolution but also illuminate the vast opportunities for digital engagement and connectivity in this thriving Southeast Asian nation. (Source: Data Reportal, 2023)  

DCConnect PoPs & Nodes in Vietnam 

DCConnect has established 4 PoPs and Nodes in Vietnam, marking a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhance network reliability, reduce latency, and ensure scalability to meet the needs of our continually expanding customer base. 

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