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In an era dominated by digital connectivity, it is crucial to systematically reinforce cybersecurity systems to safeguard personal privacy and maintain the security of essential personal and business systems.

Recently, DCConnect and Abhinawa participated in an intensive cybersecurity training session, conducted by Recorded Future.

Recorded Future is a leading cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive threat intelligence to organizations of all sizes. It continuously searches the vast internet to find hidden threats and vulnerabilities.

Through the training and insights gained from Recorded Future, we’ve significantly improved our ability to identify and address vulnerabilities, fostering a more secure digital environment for personal and business data. We continually stay informed about the latest insight in global cybersecurity, guaranteeing that our defense mechanisms are continuously updated and well-equipped to effectively counter emerging threats.

By utilizing the knowledge gained from Recorded Future, DCConnect and Abhinawa Group are committed to reinforcing our defenses and creating a safer online landscape. Let’s continue to prioritize the protection of personal and business data in this digital era.


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