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The benefits of peering extend far beyond technical optimizations; they reshape the entire landscape of network efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and user satisfaction. But, what is peering actually?

Peering is the exchange of traffic between two different networks, without the need to pay a third party to carry it. (Source: Capacity Asia, 2023)

In the intricate web of networking, peering acts as a powerful process, connecting users directly to content and services for a smoother experience. Peering offers a myriad of benefits that can transform the landscape for businesses—it’s a strategic exchange of traffic between networks.

The key benefits of peering:

Cost-Effective Connectivity

One of the standout advantages of peering is the significant reduction in costs. Networks can easly share traffic without incurring substantial expenses, with membership fees at Internet Exchanges (IX) being the primary investment. Remote peering takes this a step further, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure at the exchange point.

Improved Network Performance

By establishing a more direct path between networks, peering reduces the distance data must travel. This results in lower latency, creating a smoother, more responsive online experience for users.

Simplified Operations

When IP networks join an Internet Exchange (IX), they articulate a peering policy, and the autonomous systems seamlessly manage the rest. This eliminates the need to establish and maintain connections with the numerous networks present, streamlining operations and reducing complexity. Moreover, the global landscape is dotted with several hundred IXs, a number that continues to grow. By establishing connectivity with a single IX, a network theoretically gains the capability to reach any destination worldwide.

Your Gateway to ASIA Connections

With DCConnect’s Asia IX solutions, we have streamlined the process to connect your business to major Internet Exchanges (IXs) in Asia. Internet Exchange Points serve as hubs where networks converge, facilitating direct interconnection. This eliminates unnecessary detours, enabling the efficient exchange of data with fewer hops. Powered by a dedicated Layer 2 connectivity link between your business and the IXs, DCConnect goes beyond standard connectivity solutions. This dedicated connection not only enhances the security of your data but also translates into significant cost savings on IP transit expenses.

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