The Broader Connection: DCConnect Global at Capacity Middle East 2024 

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In the heart of Dubai, Capacity Middle East 2024 wrraped over three bustling days, and DCConnect Global seized the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals, sharing insights that surpass the region’s connectivity landscape and extend beyond. The dynamic event provided a platform to engage with industry leaders, aligning our innovative contributions with the inspiring work shaping the future of technology and telecommunications. 

Representing DCConnect Global, Joe Earn Oi navigated through a series of meetings and discussions with industry leaders. These engagements covered a diverse spectrum of topics from data center, cloud, IP Transit, sea cable and others reflecting the comprehensive nature of the discussions that took place during the event.  

Among the highlights was a compelling discussion with Salman AlOmiri, the Head of International Peering at Saudi Arabian Internet Exchange (SAIX). Insightful conversations also transpired with Etisalat UAE and others experts fromTIME dotCom Berhad, Tencent Cloud, Transworld Associates, C3NTRO Telecom, Telin, also many other influential entities. 

The event was not just a series of meetings; it was a platform for crafting innovative collaborations that hold the promise of groundbreaking developments in the future. DCConnect Global is excited to have been an integral part of this transformative experience, contributing to the evolution of technology and telecommunications on a global scale. Stay tuned as we continue to shape the narrative of the future 

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