What is Dedicated Internet Access?

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Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is an internet access service that provides a dedicated and separate path for a specific customer or entity. In simple terms, this means that a customer has an internet connection dedicated entirely to their business needs.

Advantages of Dedicated Internet Access:

  1. High Reliability: DIA offers a high level of reliability because customers have their dedicated internet path without competing with other users in the same region.
  2. Consistent Performance: With a dedicated path, customers can enjoy consistent internet performance without being affected by fluctuations that might occur in a shared network.
  3. Enhanced Security: DIA provides a higher level of security because customers have full control over their internet path, minimizing security risks.
  4. Priority Support: In the DIA scenario, technical support and maintenance are prioritized for the customer, ensuring quick solutions to issues.

How Does Dedicated Internet Access Work?

Dedicated Internet Access aims to provide on-demand dedicated internet access service for the customer using DC Gateway ecosystem, powered by API, SDN, and Math Logic technology. This means that the specified amount of dedicated bandwidth for the customer from major regions and data centers is instantly assigned and guaranteed for their immediate use

Benefits of DIA for Businesses:

  1. Increased Productivity: With consistent and reliable internet access, businesses can operate without disruptions, boosting employee productivity.
  2. Scalability: DIA can be tailored to the needs of a growing business, providing the flexibility and scalability required.
  3. High-Level Security: Businesses can feel more secure with the enhanced security of a dedicated internet path.

Say Goodbye to Lag and Downtime!

We offer single connections for traditional connectivity, or fully-redundant connections for mission-critical applications, provide different  tiered bandwidth option : Instant Dedicated Internet Access – DCconnect Global

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