SD-DCI(Data Center Interconnect): Simple Solutions for Complex Connections

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The maintenance cost is the most concern for the data center on DCI solution, the operational cost such as space, power, and cooling cost increase as the demand grows. Additionally, the increasing cost will burden small-scale operators and data centers with minimal resources and expertise to handle heavy and complex duties such as forecasting, planning, and deployment.

Large amounts of critical information are stored in the data center, which requires a safe and reliable connection to avoid information breaches or data losses. Meaning to say the security of stored data and in-flight data is crucial.

The simple solution

Manual operation is no longer ideal for adapting to the changes because it’s complicated, costly, slow, and error-prone. Instead, the software-Defined Networking (SDN) application makes interconnection easier, offering a more agile, scalable, and flexible solution to access DCI (data center interconnect). As a result, the system enables massive scalability to grow capacity for cloud application and content distribution.

Additionally, it reduces the cost of DCI connectivity.

As the most promising application to improve network programmability and dynamic adjustment of the network resources, DCConnect SDN controllers provide the network resources through the programmable APIs. A promising SDN-based service provider manages to accelerate and support the development of a DCI (data center interconnect) ecosystem. With DCConnect SDN-based platform, users can self-service ordering and provisioning. It also provides on-demand connectivity to global interconnect systems with real-time full network visibility.

DCConnect has successfully developed the first of its kind for two-way inter-carrier SDN network orchestration through API integration.

A software platform portal is the well-designed SDN overlay networks and provides customers with the ability to access On-Demand bandwidth connectivity to the Global Cloud Providers via our API (AWS, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft Azure, etc.) and the data centers around the world via partners.