The Digital and Data Center Era in Indonesia 

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In the heart of Southeast Asia, Indonesia is rapidly solidifying its position as a digital powerhouse, with its data center market emerging as a key player in the region. The Indonesia data center market has been growing significantly over the past few years due to several driving factors such as growth in digitalization, increasing submarine cable deployments, cloud adoption, and implementation of advanced technologies. 

Indonesia Data Center Landscape 

Indonesia boasts a diverse landscape, hosting over 90 data centers in 2023. Furthermore, the government is currently developing four national data centers in Bekasi, West Java, in Nongsa, the Riau Islands, in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, and in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. According to a press briefing by the Communication and Information Ministry on Nov. 10, the project is scheduled for completion in October 2024. (Source: Jakarta Post, 2023) 

From 2022 until the present, and well into the near future, Indonesia’s data center market is riding an investment wave that shows no signs of slowing down. Most major cloud providers including AWS, Google, Microsoft and Alibaba have already set up their dedicated data centers and cloud regions. 

The upcoming data centers include Equinix in Jakarta, GDS in Batam, and Gaw & Sinar Primera Data in Batam. Additionally, Indonesia’s first cloud-based digital national data center (PDN) in Bekasi and Batam is expected to be established in Q4 2024. 

Indonesia Digital Landscape 

In the early months of 2023, Indonesia witnessed a digital surge with a whopping 212.9 million internet users, highlighting a robust internet penetration of 77.0%. This means that three-quarters of the population are actively engaging with the online world. Adding to this digital phenomenon, Indonesia recorded a staggering 353.8 million active cellular mobile connections during the same period. What is truly remarkable is that this number surpasses the total population, reaching an impressive 128.0%. In simpler terms, there are more mobile connections than there are people in the country.  (Source: Data Reportal, 2023)  

Overall, Indonesia’s digital scene is booming, offering immense potential for growth and development. As the nation navigates this exciting wave, bridging the digital divide and fostering responsible online behaviour will be key to ensuring everyone benefits from this connected future. 

DCConnect PoPs & Nodes in Indonesia  

We establish 10 strong PoPs spread out across all the top-tier data centers in Indonesia. These key network hubs include prominent data centers such as PT SDI at Cyber Building 1, DCI Indonesia, EdgeDC, IDC Duren Tiga, Neucentrix Karet, Gubeng – Surabaya and Makassar. 

With our DC Gateway, we have established the strongest gateway to Indonesia, offering businesses high-performance and secure connectivity. One of the services provided by DC Gateway is Data Center Interconnection, allowing you to reach various data centers in Indonesia within a minute. Its SDN orchestration enables easy auto-provisioning, conducts traffic analysis, and handles price inquiries, ensuring a truly agile network experience. 

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