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We are pleased to announce that DCConnect Global Limited is again the winner of the Best Blockchain Solution Provider of the year 2022, from CC-GLOBAL AWARDS 2022(Carrier Community).DCConnect is also a finalist in Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC)’22 Awards. Our team has been working hard and focused on building and developing to serve the industry’s best. In 2021, DCConnect received two other best awards from CC-GLOBAL AWARDS 2022(Carrier Community)as the best blockchain solution provider and the best mobility innovative provider.DCConnect transforms the industry with an innovative, revolutionary, and award-winning SDN-enabled network service. We invented the resources pooling model, utilizing DCConnect and multiple carriers’ backbone resources to develop the DCConnect global ecosystem with over 1000 Data Center POPs and public cloud platforms.DCConnect service comes loaded with groundbreaking technology with progressive perspectives:i) we embedded a unique algorithm which intelligently selects shortest or cheapest network path;ii) we develop elastic price management logic and GUI portal to manage pricing for on-net and off-net resources from multiple partners;iii) we fully embraced open APIs to the extent where partners’ network resources and pricing information are automatically updated to DCConnect portal;iv) we engaged blockchain technology as inter-carrier SLA governance;DCConnect changed the competitive landscape and has been able to stand out amongst competitors.As one of the dominant players in Hong Kong telco market, there are three out of four major fixed network incumbents in Hong Kong are either using DCConnect SaaS software or an API integrated with DCConnect.
  • A renowned carrier with the largest market share in the local and international business established bi-lateral APIs with DCConnect, enabling the deployment of resources automatically.
  • A neutral and wholesale-focused carrier in HK is a software licensee of DCConnect innovative SaaS services, allowing the carrier to manage their network with network automation ability.
  • A full-fledged ICT, DC telecom provider integrated their network in the APAC region with DCConnect, allowing both companies to offer new innovative services in Layer 2/3, internet, and IPT.
Apart from that, two top-notch DC players from mainland China, with a market cap of over $2 billions and $11 billions , also engage with the network automation and orchestration functionalities from DCConnect as the software licensees.We aimed to provide practical and beneficial technology, and that will lead us to make a difference.

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